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What art offers is space - a certain breathing room for the spirit.
John Updike

Boomeabi: a unique online gallery - a new vision

Our new philosophy is to apply advance technology to exhibit new and trendy art.

The world is constantly in a flux due to changes in environment, politics, governments, and social values, and since art always reflects and moves along these changes; naturally, the way art is being exhibited ought to adapt itself accordingly without any prejudice.

That’s where we come in. We continue to gather and promote such type of art by facilitating an online environment to that group of art lovers and collectors whom comprehend and appreciate trendy style of art.

We are seeking your help to assist us with this quest and pursue a new approach in exhibiting a latest trend in art.

We thank you and appreciate your support

Boomeabi’s Directors

Alireza Darvish

Darwish was born in 1346 in Rasht. He started his career by working as an illustrator for Donya-ye Sokhan and Naghsh-e Ghalam magazines –though his area of concentration always remained painting. For a while, he taught art at the Fine Arts Institute of Tehran and Moka’ab Atelier. He left Iran in 1372 and soon afterwards found his place among major European and American magazines and exhibitions. His first exhibitions, revolving around the theme of books, were held in the International Literature Festival “Interlit” in Germany and in Sala Rovira Gallery in Barcelona and the Frankfurt Book Fair. He then collected the pieces showcased at these exhibitions in one place and named it his collection of book designs. Shortly afterwards, he held similar exhibitions in Boston, US. His works have been published in several literary journals in Spain, such as De Libros and Letras Libres, the Spanish Writers’ Association paper and also in Taats magazine in Germany. He also designed the cover of a number of poetry books and novels in Germany and the US.

In 2003, he made the experimental animation film “Life is Short”, which presented the natural life chain in only 3 minutes. In 2006, he made “Footsteps of Water” –a film boasting a better technique than the previous animation film and thus securing Darvish’s place among other animators. In 2007, he made the widely acclaimed movie “What if spring does not come?”, dealing with the theme of gender inequality in society. This movie was shown in many international film festivals and won Darvish several awards. In 2010, Darvish worked on 2 experimental movies, “Camp 14” and “the Green Wave”, both as an animator and an actor. He now lives in Cologne, Germany and is working on his next movie.

Alireza Darvish