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A picture is worth a thousand words.
Napoleon Bonaparte

Boomeabi: a unique online gallery - a new vision

Our new philosophy is to apply advance technology to exhibit new and trendy art.

The world is constantly in a flux due to changes in environment, politics, governments, and social values, and since art always reflects and moves along these changes; naturally, the way art is being exhibited ought to adapt itself accordingly without any prejudice.

That’s where we come in. We continue to gather and promote such type of art by facilitating an online environment to that group of art lovers and collectors whom comprehend and appreciate trendy style of art.

We are seeking your help to assist us with this quest and pursue a new approach in exhibiting a latest trend in art.

We thank you and appreciate your support

Boomeabi’s Directors

Maryam Rashghi

Yazd University graduate art University

Director of Professional Technical University of
Ahvaz girls

Group exhibition of painting students of Ahvaz in 2002

First elected in Ahwaz Metro Painting Festival 2008

Raskhvn Festival (confidential version) of 2010

Visual Arts Festival Khuzestan 2003

Quran International Festival 2010

First elected new National Arts Festival 2011

Biennial artists Khuzestan 2011

Paintings Museum of Contemporary Art Expo 2012 in Ahvaz

Resistance Art Festival 2013

Illustration of a small book of prayers

Exhibition at the Art Gallery Shiraz 2014

Solo exhibition of paintings titled Shymbar Tehran 2014

Qualifying for the world exhibition gallery at the Palace Museum in 2014 House

Maryam Rashghi