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Painting is easy when you don't know how, but very difficult when you do.
Edgar Degas

Boomeabi: a unique online gallery - a new vision

Our new philosophy is to apply advance technology to exhibit new and trendy art.

The world is constantly in a flux due to changes in environment, politics, governments, and social values, and since art always reflects and moves along these changes; naturally, the way art is being exhibited ought to adapt itself accordingly without any prejudice.

That’s where we come in. We continue to gather and promote such type of art by facilitating an online environment to that group of art lovers and collectors whom comprehend and appreciate trendy style of art.

We are seeking your help to assist us with this quest and pursue a new approach in exhibiting a latest trend in art.

We thank you and appreciate your support

Boomeabi’s Directors


Hardwareology criticizes the life of the industry-stricken human, who is very close to placing hardware in his vases, instead of flowers.


Tavakol Ismaili

Tavakkol Ismaili  (1923-1994), known as Mash Ismail, is a self-taught sculptor of Iran.  

He built his sculptures with metal and welding rod. In 1971, his art was noticed by collectors and they began to buy his artworks.

His artworks were exhibited in Famous Iranian galleries. Some of them has already been installed in some parks of Tehran. For example Statue of Rostam and White Giant has been installed at Tehran`s Azadi Stadium.

Tavakol Ismaili