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Without tradition, art is a flock of sheep without a shepherd. Without innovation, it is a corpse.
Winston Churchill

Boomeabi: a unique online gallery - a new vision

Our new philosophy is to apply advance technology to exhibit new and trendy art.

The world is constantly in a flux due to changes in environment, politics, governments, and social values, and since art always reflects and moves along these changes; naturally, the way art is being exhibited ought to adapt itself accordingly without any prejudice.

That’s where we come in. We continue to gather and promote such type of art by facilitating an online environment to that group of art lovers and collectors whom comprehend and appreciate trendy style of art.

We are seeking your help to assist us with this quest and pursue a new approach in exhibiting a latest trend in art.

We thank you and appreciate your support

Boomeabi’s Directors

Abdi Asbaghi

[all dates in the Solar Hijri calendar]

1335: Born in Tehran
1370-74: Academic art and art history education at Zangar art school with Aydin Aghdashloo
1371: Started the teaching of art  
Asbaghi showcased his artwork at 6 solo exhibitions and at well above 60 group exhibitions
1385: 5th solo exhibition, Schiller Gallery, Berlin, Germany
1379: 4th solo exhibition, Golestan Gallery
1376: 3rd solo exhibition, Golestan Gallery
1371: 2nd solo exhibition, Seyhoun Gallery
1370: 1st solo exhibition, Seyhoun Gallery
1388: Group exhibition, Opera Gallery, Dubai, UAE
1387: Tehran Art Expo
1385: Group exhibition for the Contemporary Painters of Iran, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art
1384: Spiritual art, Niavaran Cultural Hall
1383: Opera Gallery, New York
1380: Opera Gallery, Singapore
1375: Bahman Cultural Hall
1374: 3rd Biennial of painting, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art
1372: 2nd Biennial of painting, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art
1371: Bosnia relief charity  
1370: Portrait exhibition, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art
1370: 1st Biennial of painting, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art

Abdi Asbaghi